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Issues I work With

I generally work with clients using a mixture of therapies, treating each client as an individual and tailoring my approach to best suit their needs and situation. In a session I may use many approaches to get the desired out come for the client, not sticking to just one therapy type.

I feel that it is important for me to best serve my clients by being able to have as many tools available to me as possible and not approach every client the same way or with the same tools every time.

However, if a client is apprehensive or ill informed about a particular therapy offered and chooses not to find out more about how they can be helped with that therapy then I am still in a position to help them using the other tools in my tool bag of therapeutic interventions.

Listed on this website you will see lists of issues I help clients with, I have provided some detailed information for you to view on other pages within this website.

These are a few of the many issues I work with (in no order) as well as a list of issues that hypnosis has been used for with positive results:

* Weight Management
* Bereavement, Grief & Loss
* Pain Management
* Depression
* Fatigue
* Trauma
* Cravings
* Headache
* Divorce / Relationship Problems
* Insomnia
* Bad Habits
* Addictions
* High Blood Pressure
* Abuse
* Stop Smoking
* Sports Performance Enhancement
* Creative Blocks
* Stress Management
* Allergies
* Asthma
* Facial Tic
* Skin Disorders
* Substance Abuse Addiction
* Hay Fever
* Stutter / Stammer
* Hypno Gastric Banding
* Bed Wetting
* Anxiety Disorders
* Fears & Phobias
* Low Self-esteem
* Self Confidence Issues
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